No Strings Trial Pack

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Want to have a test run? This is the pack for you! Sleep with us as a once off with no strings attached!

KOVRs (sounds like 'covers') are biodegradable pillow slips that you sleep on for up to 4 nights, designed to enhance your skin's appearance by reducing how much bacteria you're sleeping on.

This pack includes a week of each Kovrd Pillow Slip type so you get the best of both worlds:

  • 1 week of Clean (the scented one). Biodegradable pillow slips, infused with botanicals that improve your skins appearance by soothing and clearing. They also help you sleep better with aromatherapy benefits. Read the full product details on the product page here.
  • 1 week of Simple (non scented). Biodegradable pillow slips that are soft and comfortable, non-scented so perfect for sensitive skin. Bacteria is one of the top causes of skin blemishes so by increasing how often you have fresh pillows it can help reduce the bacteria your face is exposed to. Read the full product details on the product page here.



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