How to KOVR:

1. Start with a cleansed and hydrated face.

2. Monday: Remove one KOVRD pillow slip from the packet and place over your normal pillow case.

3. Thursday: replace the used KOVRD pillow slip with a fresh one.

4. Sleep clean, you’re good to glow!

* If you have sensitive skin make sure you check the ingredients for any alleriges/irritants. When in doubt do a patch test or consult your dermatologist ;)

** Our KOVRs are biodegradable but make sure you dispose of them responsibly to be safe

Your pretty little head spends roughly 1/3 of it’s life on a pillow - that’s a lot of face time. Trouble is, pillows can be crawling with bacteria which can contribute to nasties cramping your style. The SIMPLE solution; starting with a clean surface for your face every night will work wonders for the general health of your skin.



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