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A Bad Bedtime Story

A Bad Bedtime Story

January 30, 2018

A Bad Bedtime Story - why your bed is the ultimate frenemy…

Most of us like to think that our bed is our sanctuary, a haven from the world where we can go and restore ourselves in peace. LIES! It’s all lies!! Ok that was dramatic, it’s not all lies… but I definitely need to let you in on some facts.

Your bed is one of the best places to be, but it’s also kinda gross. The worst part about it all, is that like a true Frenemy, you wouldn’t ever really know about this info unless someone else told you!


  • On average, 1.5 million dust mites live in your bed – these guys are creepy and tiny (less than 1 millimetre) and are irritants for your sinuses. They are especially nasty for people with asthma.
  • After one week, your pillowcase has 17,000 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat – this can lead to irritated and infected skin and cause visible symptoms like acne. This will also exacerbate anyone with skin concerns and make them worse.
  • Your pyjamas can give you skin infections like cystitis. Because we sweat during our sleep (average of 200mL every night), your pyjamas soak that up and become a breeding ground for bacteria colonies.


But not all hope is lost babe. Want to change your bed from Frenemy status to BFF? Here’s our tips to get rid of the creepy things and help you get that (inner) beauty sleep in the bed of your dreams! (We’re not being shady when we say “inner” beauty – we just believe beauty is more than skin-deep.)


What you should be doing:

  • Washing your doona (or duvet) every six months at least. Pop it into the washing machine, and let it line dry in the sun!
  • You should be cleaning your mattress every six months too! Vacuum it, spot-clean any weird stains (!!) and use a deodoriser like Bicarbonate Soda to freshen it up. We’d also recommend getting yourself a sweet mattress protector – your future self will think you’re awesome.
  • Changing your pillowcase every few days. This can seem like some intense admin. That’s kind of why we’ve designed the ultimate life hack for you - KOVRD pillow slips are disposable pillow slips that you slide over the top of your pillow case. They are designed to be used for 3 to 4 days and then you can simply throw it away and slide on a new Kovrd pillow slip. Using fresh pillow slips and pillow cases helps to minimise the amount of bacteria your facial skin is exposed to, meaning skin concerns like acne and pimples are reduced. Our Clean Kovr actually includes some sneaky botanicals that help actively prevent new blemishes from forming, soothe redness and can even help you sleep better.
  • Changing all your bed linens every week. We know it’s time consuming, but it’s worth it!
  • Wearing clean pyjamas every few days – or sleep butt-naked because #fun (but you’ll probably need to wash your sheets more frequently).


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